It all started when…

Little Pizza King and our team of awesome employees have been bringing the best pizza in Brighton to you for more than 20 years!

Since opening the doors just up the street back in 1995, we’ve been making our dough fresh daily and using the freshest ingredients we can find. We realize everyone says this – but we take it one step further.


We serve every customer with a smile, and that goes a long way! If you’ve been a customer since the beginning, or you’re new to the area, thanks so much for being a customer. We enjoy feeding you just as much as you enjoy eating our food!


By the way – by ordering from this website instead of others, you’re helping this small business stay open and keep our prices low! When you order from one of the big websites, they take as much as 20% of the sale every time you order.

Thank You!

Teddy Tsaousidis
The Little Pizza King